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My name is Ryan Borja and I am a Chicago Bulls fan. Passionate about the game of basketball and salary cap enthusisast. I have created The Bulls GM to inform and to share my opinion on Bulls and NBA related news.

Here you will find all my cap sheets, depth charts, injury reports, future free agents, and much more

Cap Sheets

Here are all 30 NBA teams cap sheets. The numbers are my own projections but I give a lot credit to Eric Pincus, Jeff Siegel, and Keith Smith as their work has been very helpful in confirming and correcting a lot of my numbers.

Depth Chart/Injury Reports

Here are all 30 NBA depth charts and injury reports.

Draft Picks

Here all 30 teams drafts picks for upcoming drafts.

Scouting Report/Videos

Here you will find my scouting reports and videos of NBA players.