Chicago Bulls Cap Sheet(24-25)

Updated 12/11/20


  1. I have not yet included the salary projection of the Bulls’ 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 1st round pick. I will include that in the projection at some point. Expect that salary to be 9-20 million.
  2. Also included in projections are all necessary IRC(incomplete roster charges).
  3. If the Bulls plan to act under the cap(likely), they will have “Room” exception also to spend. If Chicago chooses to act over the cap(unlikely), they will have “MLE” and “BAE”.
  4. Patrick William’s qualifying offer is 12,973,527.
  5. Section 1 and 2 of Team Salary/Cap Space includes all salary seen in chart.
  6. Section 3 of Team Salary/Cap Space includes only guaranteed salary.