Chicago Bulls Cap Sheet(22-23)

Updated 12/11//20


  1. I have not yet included 2021 or 2022 1st round draft pick salary in these projections. Chicago has one 1st for each year. Expect the total salary of both picks to be in the 4-10 million range.
  2. Also included in projections are all necessary IRC(incomplete roster charges).
  3. If the Bulls plan to act under the cap(likely), they will have “Room” exception also to spend. If Chicago chooses to act over the cap(unlikely), they will have “MLE” and “BAE”.
  4. Deadline to accept teams options for Patrick Williams and Coby White is 10/31/21.
  5. Daniel Gafford’s contract is fully non-guaranteed, becomes fully guaranteed 1/10/23.
  6. Deadline to accept Gafford’s team option is 6/29/22.
  7. Wendell Carter’s qualifying offer is 9,279,756.
  8. Chandler Hutchison’s qualifying offer is 5,820,177.
  9. First section of Team Salary/Cap Space includes all salary seen in chart.
  10. Second section of Team Salary/Cap Space includes all rookie scale team options, Gafford’s restricted cap hold, Wendell Carter’s restricted cap hold, and Lavine’s cap hold. Excludes Thaddeus Young, Tomas Satoransky, and Ryan Arcidiacono’s cap hold.
  11. Third section of Team Salary/Cap Space includes all guaranteed money.

My Analysis:

Chicago does not have a lot of salary committed in 2022 as of now. But a Markkanen extension and possible 2021 free agent salaries can put Bulls over the cap this off-season. It is too early to project, but as of now Chicago is flexible this off-season. Keep in mind Chicago will have to decline Daniel Gafford’s team option to make him restricted free agent this off-season. He will not be eligible for restricted free agency after this off-season.